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Virtual Bingo

Zoom Zoom Zoom, Let me hear you say, BINGO...

Missing Friday night drinks with your workmates? If you’re looking for a corporate-friendly way to connect with your team in this current climate we have the solution. We are providing premium drag entertainment, direct to you. Using the power of Zoom and glitter combined, you can now play bingo and trivia all from the comfort of your home (office) via Zoom! Or any other streaming service intact. Bingo traditionally has two rounds. We supply customised, randomised digital bingo books that cover both rounds. Presented in the form of a game show, the first is numbers based and the second is a faster paced music round instead of numbers. We do prefer to have all camera open for Bingo so our host can interact and banter with you all. Once the winners calls BINGO and states their bingo book number we can then confirm or deny their win on screen. Prizes are to be provided by the client for each round. So how does it work? The only requirements for participants are two devices and an internet connection. Prior to the event they will be sent a Zoom link and the link for the Bingo books and codes for each round. From here your team will simply need to join the meeting at the specified time and start playing!

  • 1 h
  • Online
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