'Ive seen the future .... Were in good hands!'

- Jessica James from Drags Aloud. 

'Missy was incredible. What a show! It was the highlight of the night and everyone is still raving about it.'

Jess - Hens Party 

'We were lucky enough to have Missy La'Minx attend my best friends hens party two weeks ago - she was FABULOUS! We were all blown away - especially the hen! Bingo was hilarious and Missy posed for so many photos for us. I will definitely keep Size Queens in mind for future events - it was so much fun! Thank you again xxx'

- Gemma - Hens Party 

'Thank you for a fabulous night of fun and laughter. Gorgeously friendly and generous with their time. Can't wait until we see them again. X'

- Amanda at Size Queens Christmas, San Remo 

'Loved the stage presence of the lady's on and off the stage'

- Christopher, Facebook Review

'Size Queens rock. Missy La'Minx is great on the mic.'

- Gary, Facebook Review 

'Absolutely everything you could want in a drag show.'

- Vanessa, Facebook Review

'Heaven, of course!!!! Never get tired of Missy laughing at her own jokes!!!!'

- Marcus, Size Queen Sundays at Sircuit, Fitzroy. 

'The calibre of the shows were unexpected since it was New Years but what a brilliant job you all did! That's entertainment! Thank you.'

- Steve, Sircuit's NYE Party. 

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