Our fabulous mask are constucted of three layers of fabric - the patterned outer layer is 100% cotton, the middle is top pop polycotton and the inside layer is 100% cotton drill. Masks are safety stitched adding extra stablity and longgivity. 


This mask feature a removeable nose wire and are washer and dryer safe. The elastic can be removed from the sleeve and replaced with your personal preferance to get the most comfortable fit. Masks will be delivered with care instructions.


The masks are a one-size-fits-all design (the bottom seam is approx. 21cm and the curved nose seam is 15cm), and are customised to fit optimally by shortening the elastic straps to fit your mug. To do this effectively follow these simple steps below:




1 - Hold your face mask in position (this means the curved seam will run down your nose, the curved edge will be at the top - ensuring you’re nose is covered - and the long straight seam will be underneath your chin).


2 - Once in place you will have an elastic strap on either side towards your ears - simply loop each end around your ear and tie in a knot then repeat on the other side.


3 - Now that you’ve tied the elastic to the desired length, cut the excess elastic on either side of the knot and spin the loop that you’ve created around so the knot is hidden neatly inside the seam.


4 - Admire your handiwork in the mirror ... Werrrrk!


*Please note that each mask is lovingly made by hand so measurements may differ slightly from piece to piece.*

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